Are you frustrated with the expensive and non-guaranteed results of CPM and CPC advertising. The CPA model (Cost Per Action), is the optimal method of buying online advertising because the advertiser defines the Actions they are seeking from the visitors in advance (a sale on the website, a form being filled, a download, etc.) and only pays when that Action occurs.
In this model, publishers are encouraged to deliver high quality targeted traffic because they only earn revenue when that Action is generated.
To ensure that you only receive quality leads we undertake the following activity:

  • Review Process: All affiliates seeking entry into the DAC network are passed through an extensive quality assurance review process. This helps limit fraud and ensures our traffic quality remains high.
  • Compliance: DAC is known for taking a stand against fraudulent publishers and deceptive sources of traffic. Our big data analytics assists us to locate and weed out these rogue publishers, again ensuring the highest caliber of traffic quality.
  • Global Reach: Our network of publishing partners that span all forms of traffic generation, and include email list owners, search engine marketers, contextual traffic firms, social media experts and co-registration delivery specialists.
    With our wide reaching group means we can successfully generate traffic for nearly every country across the globe. Whether your ad campaign is for American trial-based offers, British surveys, French dating or German ringtones, we have matching partners.

Interested in becoming an advertiser? Please provide details about the ad campaigns you wish to bring to DAC. We recieve many requests for advertising information, as such we've become selective on the clients we take on. Please include details of sample landing URLs, proposed CPA rates, target countries and monthly budget caps in your message would speed up your request. For DAC to provide you maximum, please provide exact demographic details of your potential CPA.

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